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Hi everyone!

After being silent for a while, it’s time for another update. This time from me personally. 

In today’s post, I want to share some studio-insights with you. I will inform you about the last couple of weeks, our plans for the near future and how we would like to have you get involved in this.

Small Recap
In our latest post, we revealed our first area. This is an area that we’ve called ‘Area X’. The area itself was quite cosy and had a watermill that was encased in a mysterious green fog.

The feedback that we have received was better than we expected. I would like to thank everyone for your kind responses! 

Since art is very important to us – as it plays a big role in creating the fantasy for Rogue Reaper: Awakening – we decided to migrate over to a more up-to-date render pipeline that allows us to bring a more authentic experience with higher definition visuals. 

Our art-team will tell you more about this in a future developer and/or asset post! 

Revamping Discord & Weekly Posts
When it comes to communication, our main goal is to be as transparent as possible. Discord is the main platform where we love to have conversations with you about games in general. While large studios tend to work on something for months before showing it, we want to have our community be involved in the development process of RR:A as early as possible. 

However, our Discord has not taken the shape that we had envisioned beforehand. Given this, we have decided to revamp our Discord. We hope that this makes the development/testing process in the near-future easier.

At the same time, we weren’t happy with our post consistency. This leads to the next big change: Weekly posts!

Starting next week, you can expect weekly posts every Wednesday. Currently, we’re planning to have three different types of posts:

-> Scene Posts: Displaying different parts and/or elements of the game (e.g. the watermill area)

-> Asset Posts: Highlighting specific objects in the game (e.g. fountains, chairs, characters)

-> Developer Posts: A closer look into the office and/or personal look into our team (e.g. developer diaries, Q/A’s, about me, meet the team)

What we’re working on
The big question that we’ve been asked a lot is what we’re working on right now. The obvious answer would be Rogue Reaper: Awakening but I understand more than anyone that you would love to hear more. 

In the next couple of days, we’re testing to see if there’s a place for puzzle mechanics with the use of telekinesis. We will test this with a very small group of people. This is a very early prototype, aimed at exploring the possibilities that these types of mechanics lend us.

Expanding the team
Next week we’re increasing the team with 4 newcomers! We will be introducing them to you over the next couple of weeks. Make sure to say hi to them on Discord once they join! 

If you have read earlier posts, then you have probably noticed that we’re aiming higher than the original Rogue Reaper with our visuals. As a team, we embrace Lilly as a character, as we strongly feel that she has an amazing story to tell. So of course Lilly won’t be left behind with the upgraded visuals. We’re creating everything from scratch in Rogue Reaper: Awakening. So this includes Lilly. 

Thank you!
A big thank you from me for joining us on our journey. We’re doing this together. That’s something that we firmly believe in. 

Everything that you share with us, from your questions, real-life experiences, photos to awesome suggestions are highly appreciated! 

There’s a lot more to share, so stay tuned!


Lars Broer