About Fireroot Studios

Fireroot Studios is a game development studio based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We are a group of aspiring game developers who act on our ambition to create video games. Bringing together various disciplines, we work together to become part of the industry that we love, while doing the things we love.

We want to deliver game experiences that are fun and unique by using both our flaming passion and our roots in the creative industry. While we learn, create and innovate, we constantly aim to improve ourselves in order to bring out the best in our games.

Our Team

Lars Broer
Lars BroerCCO
Joeri Wagner
Joeri WagnerCEO
Jeroen van Schooten
Jeroen van SchootenCTO
Rico de Bruin
Rico de BruinLead Artist
Cas van 't Wout
Cas van 't WoutGame Designer
Roy Sijnesael
Roy SijnesaelTechnical Game Designer
Lisa Hanse
Lisa Hanse3D Artist
Jelle Huis In ‘t veld
Jelle Huis In ‘t veld3D Artist
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