Hello fan of Fireroot,

As you probably have noticed it’s been a while since you have heard from us. To start, I hope you are doing well and that you are, like us, looking forward to a brighter future where COVID is no more. 

In this post, I want to share some information with you about the studio and explain why we’ve been silent for a while now. 

Fireroot Studios is a project that we started after the success of Rogue Reaper in 2019. Both the development process and the release were super joyful for us. This also was the kickstart for Fireroot Studios. We wanted to aim bigger and achieve something that challenged us as young developers.

With that in mind, we started working on setting up a business as development on Rogue Reaper: Awakening started rolling harder and harder. As we started connecting to the game industry excitement grew, just as our team, ideas and vision for the project slowly became bigger.

However, the last couple of months were both struggling and challenging. COVID and the work-from-home mentality became difficult for us as the crisis dragged on, and as the project became bigger, financing the project and the team became more difficult every month.

We slowly had to make the conclusion that the size of our ambition became too big to handle properly. We have realized that the effort needed to properly work on the project has grown too big. Because of that, we recently have started talking about changing the strategy on how we are approaching Rogue Reaper: Awakening.

As such, we have made the difficult decision to put Rogue Reaper: Awakening on hold for a while. During this time we’ll be looking for new methods/ways to fund the project. That means we put the entire development of the project on hold and are focussing on finding investors.

We are really happy with the feedback that you have given us since the start of RR:A. 

Does that mean our efforts so far have been in vain? Absolutely not, the idea and vision behind Rogue Reaper: Awakening has been fleshed out very well and is still very usable.

As a studio we’re looking at ways to create smaller projects in the meantime. We do know that, especially during COVID, finding investors can be quite challenging. Developing games is our passion, and we love to create experiences for others. 

We are not yet sure where the future will bring us. As a team of around +/- 15 people we grew faster than we ever expected. This brought along a lot of experience, fond memories, but also challenges. Right now we have downscaled to a team of 5 people. With this smaller team we are looking into ways to create smaller games. While we can’t share anything yet, we’re excited for the future and can’t wait till we open our studio in Rotterdam again.


CEO Fireroot Studios