Hi Reapers,

This day we’re showing you an art update! RR:A has gotten a new art style which we have already showed you all, and today we’re showing you even more!

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been busy working on the idea of a tightly packed city, since a huge part of the game is planned to take place here.
To make the city in a unique way we’ll need houses: and lots of them! With this comes a challenge we have to face; namely that houses quickly become repetitive. Building every single house from scratch will take a lot of time and is more prone to inconsistency. So we need a different plan.

We think that the ideal way of building for us is in a modular fashion. This will not only give us the benefit of building houses quicker but also gives us a lot more opportunities to play around with the multiple parts, also with those different parts, creating loads of different houses. With this system, we’re hoping to not only overcome this challenge but to conquer it! Making the houses interesting throughout the entire city.

This is a concept for a house that we’ve been working on which would use said modular system.

As you can see, so far this building looks a lot livelier in RR:A’s new art style. It looks cozier, the balcony adds some differentiation and the canopy gives it a more interesting silhouette. The beam on top of the roof really helps break it up a bit. We think this’ll make for a great base for the system which we can add onto, so each building feels different. Think about lanterns or fences for instance.

With this modular building method, we also need to think about the textures we’ll apply. Since most of the city’s real spirit will come to life as soon as the textures get applied. We started experimenting and thought the following textures would support the new style very well. We’re hoping these could give you an idea of the direction we want to move in:

This is a texture for the roof shingles we’ve been working on. They’re meant to look a little playful with their alternating placements, but not too busy so they don’t distract the eye from the rest of the house.

And this is a texture for the stone bricks we’re testing. Again, we want them to look a little playful, but this time playing more with the depth of the bricks instead of altering the alignment. We did it this way to keep the classic brick structure intact.

Please note that everything we’re sharing is subject to change or might not be implemented in the finished product at all.
We’re still working on lots of ideas and different paths. And though things are really starting to fall into line, who knows what decisions will be made next?

Right now, this is the idea we’re working on and testing. We’re happy we get to share some of our work with everyone who’s interested!
Thank you for following us and stay tuned for our next post.

~The Fireroot Team