This is a continuation of Wednesday’s post, where Design showed you their process for coming up with, and creating, Area X.
When Design was happy with their result, they passed it over to Art.

While the question for design is: “How will it play?”, the question for Art is: “How will it feel while playing?”. Art has to visualise the design into what the players will see and feel and dress it up. We had come up with the plan that these areas will largely take place in a city. So we had to find the right feel for a city in Rogue Reaper: Awakening. First thing that comes to mind? Creepy.

So you start at the beginning. What is “creepy”? What defines it? Coming up with a creepy area means you have to know what is (and isn’t) creepy and how you can apply that to different assets and things in the world. By doing tests and researching what makes what feel a certain way, you can start spinning it all together into a web that you can use. Which in our case would be a moodboard.
We ended up mixing these two for the best feeling of “creepy”:

To create a proper feeling though, a couple of clouds and some music isn’t enough. Everything that you can see contributes to the overall feeling you get. Which means that we have to account for everything we plan on putting in the world to either increase the creepiness or to keep it steady. Thing about houses, trees, water, fences and even cups. Where will you put these? And in what way? How would this make the player feel? The tiniest of things can matter in coming up with a world and trying to give the players a certain feeling within it.

Once these things were known on the general side of things, we started applying them to what we had planned for area X. This means a lot of sketches, plans and testing to see what fits and what doesn’t.

But that is something we’ll continue with next week!
Until then…