Hello Reapers!

As mentioned in the previous blogpost, Fireroot studios has had a bit of a rough year so far, with everything going on in the world at the moment. But we’re still here and going stronger then ever! For one, our art team has grown by two people – meaning we can make more art much faster now. Which is necessary since we’re starting something new.. something big..

In previous posts, we took you with us on our journey of creating area X. Now that area X is done, we want to take you on our next journey in making more of the world of Rogue Reaper: Awakening. As you’ll soon discover, this part of the world will be someplace away from the city. A more rough, rural area with cliffs, water and loads of plants!

We’re very excited to show you some of the things we are working on right now:

Finally, we would like to leave this mysterious asset in progress here, where do you think this leads?

Keep in mind that the assets shown in this post are still works in progress and will most likely be changed in the future.
We hope you enjoyed this week’s post! Stay tuned for more news about RR:A soon.

~ Rico