Hey Reapers,

In the last post, we talked about the “fun” part, making worlds and assets, we talked about mood boards, sketching, modeling in low-poly and high-poly and told you guys a bit about texturing. In this post, however, we’ll be talking about the full process of developing Area X, especially focussing on the part where we get to build the area in the game engine (Unity).

Just as a small reminder, this is the concept we were working from:

While closely looking at the concept, we make a 3D block-out of the area that not only will give us a feel of the 3D space, but also gives us a guideline as to where to place all the different models. With the block-out placed in the game engine, we basically have a guide to work off of, and we just have to replace the very low detail boxes with the real models we want to have in the game.

As soon as we’ve finished modeling and texturing the biggest assets needed for the area, think about the houses for example. We start implementing these models into the game engine. After all the big assets have been imported, we can start making the smaller assets that’ll make the area feel more full and alive:

We then continue to apply the texture to the models in the engine and look at the achieved result as a whole. This way we can see if everything works as we intended it to, or we can make changes to specific models to better suit the area.

With everything in place, we can start adjusting things for the feel. Think about smoke, small animations, lighting, and particles for example. We won’t bother you with the process, but we would love to share the result with you.

We’re happy to announce the first ‘reveal’ of area X. Please note that what you’re about to see isn’t final. But we hope that you love the result as much as we do.

We are looking forward to sharing more art-related things with you in the future!

On behalf of the art team,

~ Rico

Video below