Happy November, Reapers!

In the previous post, we’ve told you a bit about how we’re working hard to make a well-hidden cave, which we intend to be the bridge between two worlds. In this week’s post, we’d like to share a whole new side of what we’ve been working on art-wise, something we haven’t talked about yet: character design. To be more specific: creating a wisp.

Our intention for the wisp is to make a magical and mysterious entity that lives in the cave, giving the cave a bit of magic and also making it feel more alive. With that information given, we started the process of creating said wisp. To start the process we created a moodboard:

After making the moodboard we can get started on some first sketches! The purpose of the first round of sketches is mainly to see which colors and shapes work best for the wisp, and after the first couple of sketches, we usually have a rough guideline of what we want the wisp to look like. When sketching it’s key to use your imagination in combination with the references on the moodboard to create something original, yet recognizable.

When people think of what a wisp looks like, usually their thoughts go to a little fireball-like being that floats in the air, but which doesn’t really have a lot of movement. To make the wisp more interesting, we tried some sketches with long, stringy shapes to see how that’d work with the overall concept. Another attempt was made to make the wisps even more spooky and ominous-looking, incorporating skull shapes for example, but that wasn’t the direction we wanted to go in. It’s always valuable to sketch ideas out to know for sure if it would’ve worked out or not.

Something really important when working on an area is to make sure everything fits together as a whole, and that we set the right mood for the player. The best tool to do so is color! So the next thing on our to-do list was to make more sketches to test out some colors. Something important when doing so is to make sure to keep looking at the area as well to make sure everything will work together nicely later on.

The cave is supposed to have a dark, yet slightly magical theme, this has a huge impact on colors. First off we tested a blue, then added green, red, yellow, and purple into the mix as well.

In the end, we decided on a blue-green variant that will fit into the surrounding area very nicely, the blue color really makes the wisp look magical and mysterious. After all this sketching and testing, it’s time to choose one concept to continue working on. Meaning we need to make a character sheet with a front- back- and side view of the chosen concept of the wisp. Also important is to make sure we know how big the wisp is going to be, so we put Lilly next to the sketch for reference. The final step so far is to create some first-version animations to get a feel of the wisps’ movements. But we will save this, and the final result, for a later date.

We hope you like what you’re seeing so far! We can’t wait to share more RR:A news with you in the future.

Until the next update!

~ Fireroot Art Team