In today’s post, we’re sharing some assets with you that we’ve been working on lately.

This time, we thought about how we could fill the somewhat large caves that we’re currently creating. One idea that we particularly liked, was the feeling that the caves haven’t seen any humans for centuries. To achieve this, we created many stalagmites, cobwebs, flies, vines, and more.

Stalagmites that hang from the ceiling / come out of the ground

Cobwebs that are filling the area

Different models to create a minecart track

Lighting the ceiling

As you might have read in our previous post, lighting plays a big part in this area. We started with the mushrooms that can light up. This time around, we’ve been working on crystals that emit light once something happens.

The general idea was to have one crystal start a light source, which then expands to all surrounding crystals over time. While it is nowhere but close to the result, we would like to share some videos with you.

Crystals in a small radius that light up

A game engine that has difficulties achieving the same result

This week our post was more experimental than usual. We showed work in progress material, something that didn’t work yet, and more. But the result is always the same: telling you what we’re currently working on.

Thank you for following us.

~ Lars