After a long period of silence…


In this post, I want to share some information with you about the studio and explain why we've been silent for a while now.

After a long period of silence…2021-06-12T16:02:58+02:00

Giveaway: The results


Today we’re sharing the winner of our first giveaway post! Congratulations ....

Giveaway: The results2020-10-14T18:21:14+02:00

Giveaway: Share your setup!


Today we're hosting our first Discord exclusive giveaway! Joining is very simple! Want a chance to win? Read more!

Giveaway: Share your setup!2020-09-23T16:42:53+02:00

A letter from Fireroot


In today's post, I will inform you about the last couple of weeks, our plans for the near future and how we would like to have you get involved in this.

A letter from Fireroot2020-08-31T17:46:12+02:00