Greetings Reapers,

Today I would like to tell you about the way we validate design choices during a pandemic.
As some of you may know, playtesting is a very important part of Game Development.

We’ve done extensive playtesting before the pandemic. This involved a focus group of a certain amount of people we invited to our HQ. But then the corona pandemic broke out.

Nowadays we work mostly remotely, from our homes. But how do we go about proper playtesting then? To answer the question, we developed an inhouse solution to be able to record a player’s gameplay and then play it back inside of our engine.

You could think of it like recording a video. But only recording a video gives only so much information. With our solution, we are now able to play back these sessions in the engine and also be able to use every tool we have at our disposal, whilst still being able to see what a player did.

This gives us so much more information: Values of parameters, camera rotation, the timing of button presses and so and so on.

A message displaying that the replay is currently saving

Replays allow us to watch the play session, from every angle

We believe that this is a tool we can use, even when this pandemic comes to an end and our normal way of life is able to resume. This way we can combine the strength of face 2 face testing and interviewing with all the information we can gather of a player’s gameplay session.

I hope this gives you some more insights into how we continue to improve our game and validate our assumptions.

This was a short post about our in house solution and how we use it to continue development on Rogue Reaper: Awakening.

Once again, we appreciate your interest in Rogue Reaper and Fireroot Studios. As always, please feel welcome to join our discord to become even more involved!

Lot’s of love and thank you very much for everything.