Hello everyone!

We want to take some time to shed a first light on the game design of Rogue Reaper: Awakening. Over the past months, we have been hard at work to flesh out how the new game will play. Today we will show a specific piece of level design that we have made for the game.

Many things in game design start with a design goal. In this case we have asked ourselves: “What exactly do we want to achieve with this part of the level design?”. In this case, the goal is to give a challenge that needs to be overcome by using either combat or stealth.

With the goal defined, we have a direction for how the level should take form. As we go through it, we will explain the gameplay we expect to happen. The reason we think about expected gameplay is to validate if our assumptions are right when we eventually hit the testing phase.

First off, in order to properly show what the player awaits, we start from a point with a clear overview. There are stairs that go downward on both sides. From this view, we want to communicate what the possible options in approach are. The form of the stairs is important in this context as it gives direction to how the player will move. It gives the player the option to sneak downward along one of the two stairs, or to jump right into combat from the edge in the middle.

From this point in the level, the player is given the choice to make use of telekinesis as the objects are placed diagonally over the area. Both in combat and stealth these can be used to either damage or distract an enemy. Just as with the stairs, we want to give the choice to use either stealth or combat.

Finally, The level has two enemies that are mostly secluded from each other. However, one of the enemies will patrol around in a circle. This gives a moment when both enemies will be close to each other. The player will have to think about progressing while keeping these enemies separated. Once again, this can be done by using either stealth or combat.

As you may notice, a lot of things already influence this small part of level design. In the future, we will explore these topics further as we will show more about what we have been working on.