Hello everyone!

Today’s post will be talking about design. Specifically, we would like to share a couple of things about the mechanics of Rogue Reaper and how we are innovating these for our new game, Rogue Reaper Awakening.

One of the goals that we have for the game design of Rogue Reaper: Awakening is to make the existing mechanics more coherent while we add a couple of new ideas to the mix. So when thinking about telekinesis, for example, we will not just think about how parkouring should work. We also think about how parkouring should be used next to telekinesis, or how telekinesis would be used towards combat.

We try to pick a mechanic and take a look at how it applies to different contexts in the game. The goal is to make each mechanic fit towards each context. After this is done, the final step is to take a look at each context with the mechanics fitted inside. Do the mechanics coherently fit next to each other? Should something be changed to improve this coherence? The result is a context into which the core mechanics properly fit, giving for even more interesting gameplay and choice of approach.

Of course, there are also some new ideas that we have in mind for the game. This is something I could tell a lot about, but we also want to surprise you with what we are making! After finishing Rogue Reaper, we were left with many ideas that we didn’t get to implement or kept for other games in the future. With Rogue Reaper: Awakening we now have the chance to take some of these ideas to bring new things to the table, but also improve and innovate on what existed in the previous game. One of these ideas is to bring more ways to use telekinesis in the game. I will let you guys puzzle out what other ways could be to use telekinesis.

We have something special in mind for combat. We weren’t really satisfied with the combat in Rogue Reaper. After taking a good look at Lilly as a character we feel that we have found a good way to make combat fit her identity. Lilly is a supernatural being, but is inexperienced with wielding the powers of death. That is also the way that the game should approach combat. We hope to show you what this exactly means in the future.

I realize that I am being vague and, yes, that is on purpose because I do not want to spill all the beans. We hope to surprise you with the results of what we are currently working on.

That sums up what we wanted to talk about. Be sure to join our discord if you want to talk about Rogue Reaper or have questions for us.
And keep following us, because soon we will drop the results of our first area (with art included)!

Thank you very much for reading!