About me

Hey guys, my name is Gert Peduzzi and I am an intern at Fireroot Studios. I study visual design at Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam.

When I was younger, I used to draw a lot, because I watched a lot of cartoons. So, I watched a lot of nickelodeon. One of my favorite series were jimmy neutron and fairly odd parents. My grandpa also drew a lot and used to have a map with all his drawings, I always tried to practice and drew is work over to learn.

Now I take inspiration from other artists. One I admire most is Karl Kopinski. He made a lot of work for magic the gathering. I loved to make some own card designs, because I collected trading cards like Pokémon.


My favorite game series is Pokémon, I have played all the games and I love them all. My brothers and I used to have 1 copy, so we always had 2 versus 2 battles. Now I mostly play League of legends and overwatch.

Spare time

In my free time I try to improve my art skills. I like to draw fan art from the series Vikings. This Serie inspired me to draw a lot of art pieces, you can find this on my art station if you’re interested. I also watch anime, one of my favorites are Berserk and full metal alchemist.


I’m an intern at Fireroot Studios, my role is to make concepts for Rogue Reaper, each time I must do research and sketch ideas out, them make concepts and get feedback from my team. When we have a got idea what the character is going to look like it will be ready for 3d modelling.