About me

Hi everyone! My name is Ilse Molenaar, I have my internship here at Fireroot Studios and I’ve been here since February 2020. I study at Grafisch lyceum Utrecht and I’m a 2d and 3d artist.

Drawing has always been one of my hobbies, it started out with redrawing art from a fantasy book with orcs and elves which continued into drawing anime characters. Right now I love to paint nature landscapes with a magical feel to it and create my own original content.


I remember being very excited on my 7th birthday when I got my Nintendo ds. One of the first games I played with it was Super Mario Bros and I absolutely loved it, after that I got really into Pokemon and so on. Right now I love to play story based games, a more relaxing type of games or something that is just very aesthetically pretty.

One of my favourite games right now is probably Stardew Valley, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Persona 4.

Spare Time

Other than gaming I enjoy reading books and watching series online. I also spend my time making cosplays.

As you might have noticed a lot of these things have to do with being creative which most likely has to do with what I am doing now.


As an intern I’ve only been with Fireroot for a short time. But in this time I like to think I made an impact on what the areas look like and the general aesthetic of the levels I made the concept art for. Other than that I also work on 3d assets but my main focus is 2d.