In this segment, we are getting to know the people behind Fireroot Studios.
This time we give the stage to: Jeroen van Schooten

About me
Hello everyone. I am Jeroen van Schooten, I have been with Fireroot Studios since the very beginning. During the development of the first Rogue Reaper, I had the role of lead developer. This meant I designed the games’ architecture and was in charge of the development team, consisting of three other developers.

From a very young age, I have been interested in games and technology. As a child I spent a lot of my free time behind a computer. My parents were always very supportive, but made sure I always played outside as well. At around 10 years old I started tinkering with the inner workings of the games that I was playing, because I was curious and wanted to do stuff that was not normally allowed in the game. For example: making cars fly in Need for Speed or having unlimited funds in Command and Conquer. From then on out I knew I wanted to do something in the game industry.

One of the first games I remember really getting into is Super Mario 64. After that I started playing GTA Vice City and San Andreas, which I played for much longer than I’d like to admit due to the endless possibilities using the multiplayer mods.

During a normal week, I unfortunately don’t have much time to play games. When I do, however, I like to play competitive multiplayer games with friends, or when I’m feeling adventurous I love to play story-driven action adventure games such as Assassin’s Creed.

Currently, at the time of writing, I am playing Rocket League and the latest Far Cry which I am very slow to complete.

Spare time
I love spending my spare time doing fun stuff with friends, such as trying new beers and food, going out and exploring the world.

I also love the outdoors; for the past few years I have been going on wild camping trips in Scandinavia, something I wish to continue doing in the future.

I also like trying new programming languages and technologies in the hopes of finding use for them in my daily work.

My role at Fireroot Studios is that of Chief Technology Officer, which means I am in charge of the technology stack and the (technical) development of the game.

Day to day this means I look at how to best implement features and mechanics that were worked out by the game designers. I work with and alongside the other developers to get the feature to a testable state as quickly as possible while keeping in mind customizability and maintainability.