About me

Hello everyone! My name is Lili Bruijn and I’m an art intern for Fireroot Studios. I started my internship here in September 2020 and I study Game art at The Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht.

I always loved to draw when I was a kid and I never stopped doing it! I would usually draw things from shows I used to watch. When I discovered game art I thought this would be a perfect combination of the things I love most, playing games and drawing. I started as a 2D artist but switched halfway to 3D art and have enjoyed it ever since.


When I was younger, I grew up with a Gameboy and DS/ I would play games such as pokemon and rayman on them and it really got me into gaming. Once I got my own laptop I would start playing more online games with friends such as League of Legends, Minecraft and Osu.

My current favorite games are Stardew Valley, League of Legends, Pokemon Sword/Shield and Dead By Daylight.

Spare time

Making art and playing games isn’t the only thing I do in my spare time.
I love to read books, go to the gym and enjoy cooking! I also enjoy binging Netflix and hang out with friends.

I just joined Fireroot Studios as an intern and have been mainly focused about working on making the 3D assets and making sketches of the environments I work on. I have been really enjoying this progress and will work on much more in the near future!