In this segment, we are getting to know the people behind Fireroot Studios.
This time we give the stage to: Lisa Hanse

About me
Hey everyone! My name is Lisa Hanse and I’m a 3D artist at Fireroot studios. I’ve been working here since February 2020 and I also study/studied Game Art at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht.

I’ve enjoyed drawing from a young age, mostly replicating pictures with pencils. When I started studying Game Art, I had no experience with 3D modeling whatsoever. The more I got into it though, the more I loved doing it. Right now I especially love sculpting in 3D, since it makes it a more open and creative process. This is mostly because I’m not constantly worrying about the technical side of 3D modeling, instead I feel more free in what I create.

I obviously enjoy playing games a lot. My love for games started at a very young age, when I was playing games like the Sims, Zelda and Mario. 

I still really enjoy the games I mentioned, but I also love playing the Assassin’s Creed games, FarCry, twin stick shooters like The Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon and I recently started getting into Battlefield 5. I play games on pc, Xbox One and on the Nintendo Switch. My joy for games isn’t limited to video games though,I also really enjoy a board game or a puzzle when I’m with friends or family.

Spare time
In my spare time I enjoy playing games, hanging out with my friends or my cat, riding my bike if the weather is nice, going shopping, going horseback riding (bonus points if I get to do that in a beautiful forest) and visiting museums and zoos.

I also like to work my side projects and do some 3D sculpting when I have some free time. 

My job at Fireroot studios is to get every project to look really good, making the world and everything in it come to life. Ensure everything I create fits the style, doing a lot of research about anything and everything (moodboards, material studies, how does this thing work exactly?), coming up with ideas and making those ideas become reality with the assets I create.