In this segment, we are getting to know the people behind Fireroot Studios.
This time we give the stage to: Rico de Bruin

About me
Hi! My name is Rico de Bruin. I started here at fireroot studios as an intern in september of 2019. I was born in Haarlem and was raised there. I study/studied game art at the Grafisch Lyceum in Utrecht. Right now I am the Lead artist at Fireroot Studios.

My creative process started with recreating pokemon on a piece of paper during lunch time in school. From there I started creating ideas for tattoos and small items that could be in games. Now, I have a lot of tattoos that I designed myself, I create assets that can be used in games and I have a bunch of inspiration that I would like to put to good use!

My dad used to play a lot of games and I enjoyed watching him play when I was little. My very first game that I got to play was Pajama Sam. When I finished all of the Pajama Sam games, I started playing Freddy Fish and PutPut. Later on I started playing more action-packed games like Call of Duty. I never had a favorite game or anything like that, my preferences were all over the place… until the end of 2007. That’s when I got World of Warcraft. To this day it is my favorite game and one of the only games I enjoy playing.

Spare Time
During my free time, I game alot, visualise my own cool ideas into art and I work on my own 3D projects. I have a lot of my own idea’s which I like to realise and by working on them and I hope to achieve them! Other than computer stuff, I love to travel, visit tattoo shops to improve my knowledge about tattoos, and like to longboard when it’s warm outside!

My role at Fireroot Studios is making sure that everything within every project will look and feel consistent and as a coherent whole. With that comes a lot of responsibility, making sure that the planning goes well, that all the artist are up-to-date with each other and I have to think about what comes next in the process.

I would like to thank you for reading my story! If there is anything that you would like to ask me, or you have a really cool idea that you want to explain, make sure you contact me on Discord 🙂

~ Rico