Hi everyone,

Last week was a very successful week for us. Our team of artists made some very big leaps. Personally, I can’t wait to share this with everyone. More information about what we are working on will be shared (hopefully) very soon.

Player tests with the current events in the world
We love hearing your feedback during the physical alpha playtests that we have. Last February we had our first playtest at the office for parkour and the feedback that we’ve received was awesome. This gave us some thought about how to approach future playtests. Unfortunately with the current situation, we can’t host a physical playtest anymore. Therefore we need to look for different methods of testing. 

We’re looking into different methods of organizing playtests and how we can involve our earliest supporters (that includes you if you’re reading this). Hopefully, we can share more information about an upcoming playtest later this month. 

Game design vs. Art
A little over a month ago we’ve challenged our game designers (Joeri, Roy and Cas) to create one very specific area. After a couple of iterations, the result was given to our artists (Ben, Ilse, Jelle, Lisa and Rico) to push their creativity to the limits and create an experience inside this very specific area.

The result is something that we’re very excited about. While it definitely brings some challenges to the table, it has proven to us that when it comes to your imagination, the possibilities are endless. 

Thank you for reading this week’s post, and make sure to follow us since we’ll post some cool things in the following weeks.