Today we have some very exciting news to share! As of today, you can opt in to future tests that we will be organizing! We are looking for people that want to assist us in creating the games that we all love to play.

Rogue Reaper: Awakening
The first online playtests for Rogue Reaper: Awakening will start in the near future. Rogue Reaper: Awakening is the successor of Rogue Reaper (Feb 1, 2019). 

In Rogue Reaper: Awakening the player combines parkour, telekinesis, and combat to overcome a wide set of different challenges. Play as the daughter of the Grim Reaper to fight the plague that is haunting the world!

The first playtests
By opting in, you have a chance to participate in the earliest playtests that we will be having. This gives you the chance to give us valuable feedback during the development of Rogue Reaper: Awakening.

How do I opt in?
You can opt in by going to our beta page. Fill in the online form that we have created and you have a chance to be selected for future Alpha / Beta tests! 

If you want to talk with the developers about future playtests, you are hereby invited to join us on Discord.

~ Lars

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