Hi everyone,

In the last two weeks, we’ve shared information with you about one of our areas (Area X). This week we’re taking a breather. In this week’s post, we’re sharing some updates about the Discord usage and our story meetings.

As you might have noticed, Stez is supporting the team on Discord. We would love to use Discord as our main platform to interact with the community (that means you!). In a few weeks, we will be sharing the result of area X. We would love to get your feedback on Discord as well. So if you haven’t already, make sure to join our Discord here.

Story Meetings
When we decided to continue with Rogue Reaper after releasing the first game, one of the first things that we’ve told each other is that the story of Lilly is something that we would love to explore. Who is Lilly, what are her motivations, and what drives her to go out in the world? The story is something that we would love to focus on in Rogue Reaper: Awakening. To help us achieve this we’re having weekly (online) story meetings with the team. Here we’re discussing everything related to the world of Rogue Reaper: Awakening.

The suggestions that we’re receiving from all of you on all different social media platforms help us immerse ourselves in the story that we aim to create. So thank you for that.

And as always, thank you for supporting us.

~ Lars